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Soul Stealing Racing

This is my interpretation of Mario Kart. At first I wanted the game to be easier but soon realized the game was already too easy. Instead of adding power ups, I added a boost mechanic, that can help, but also slow the players down.

For my first multiplayer game, I wanted to create an experience that is unique to me. I choose to focus more on the technical aspects (coding), as opposed to the art. I came across a few challenges. They presented themselves in unexpected ways; the physics make the vehicles feel float, not enough time to troubleshoot, and shiny textures. It took a few days to fix the physics problem; it is quite tame now. Originally I wanted to add more textures, and create procedural generated cars and tracks, but there I will continue this in the future.


Fine tuned controls

Field of Vision for players

Updated Track

Updated Vehicle

Optimized Graphics


Player collisions

Respawn Point

Terrain has been locked off


SolPho_Build_5_3_28_17Final.app.zip 36 MB
Solphowindows.exe 17 MB
SolPho_Build_ReviseFinal.app.zip 32 MB

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