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Soul Stealing Racing

This is my interpretation of Mario Kart. At first I wanted the game to be easier but soon realized the game was already too easy. Instead of adding power ups, I added a boost mechanic, that can help, but also slow the players down.

For my first multiplayer game, I wanted to create an experience that is unique to me. I choose to focus more on the technical aspects (coding), as opposed to the art. I came across a few challenges. They presented themselves in unexpected ways; the physics make the vehicles feel float, not enough time to troubleshoot, and shiny textures. It took a few days to fix the physics problem; it is quite tame now. Originally I wanted to add more textures, and create procedural generated cars and tracks, but there I will continue this in the future.


Fine tuned controls

Field of Vision for players

Updated Track

Updated Vehicle

Optimized Graphics


Player collisions

Respawn Point

Terrain has been locked off

Published Mar 31, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreSimulation, Racing, Sports


SolPho_Build_5_3_28_17Final.app.zip 36 MB
Solphowindows.exe 17 MB
SolPho_Build_ReviseFinal.app.zip 32 MB

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